corporate portrait - Konrad Jaskóła

lider of business, the President and managing director of Polimex-Mostostal S.A, the manager of Polish economy

portrait shoot - Grzegorz Turniak
founder and the President of Professional Speakers Association in Poland  the chairman of Recommendations Academy, networking promotor


Having decided to show your own face and posture in the context of your career, you should be aware that your image in such photograph will surely pass on very strong information to the world. The way your photo will be interpreted and perceived as the representation of your company, depends largely on your choices. Therefore it is worth noticing the measurable value of building up your personal and business image with the means of highly professional business photography.

Business can reflect various faces – mainly the faces of people who create it and develop its standards. My work is to make everyone aware that a good portrait constitutes a social asset of a professional, which strengthen positive emotions - trust above all, as one of the basic interpersonal bonds.

event portrait - Beata Kozidrak
exclusive BAJM concert registered with the acoustic version on 4th October 2015 at the Lublin Television Studio (photos taken to the exceptional publishing - first in the history BAJM concert DVD/CD titled "Live-Akustycznie") 

portrait image session - Jerzy T. Pieróg
advocate, the founder of law office PIERÓG & Partnerzy, leaders and authority in the area of the public procurement law, honored by the prestigious Chambers Europe Award for Excellence

“I believe that trust can be gained through building the upmarket image and my role exactly is to take part in the process of creating such professional image and the brand.”

Marzena Jaworska
legal counsel

Agnieszka Zaborowska

The photographic image in the professional context has gained strategic value nowadays. The history of the person, the brand or the company presented with a photograph which is coherent with the image, expresses more than words and brings measurable benefits. Photographs emerging in the cooperation with me and my team during individual or group image sessions, have a direct effect on the quality of the communication both in business surroundings and the private life sphere. The good portrait is saying: I believe in what I am doing, in my mission, I do not have to hide behind the facade of the organization. I am a human - the same as you are. I have my own world, my own life, values, passions and interests, my own point of view, my profession, my own individual ME, my own style, charisma and my own history. I am sharing part of this story with you presenting its fragment frozen in the portrait. I am inviting you to start and sustain effective cooperation with me and/or with the company which I represent.

Maciej Marczewski
financial advisor (Aegon), the architect of prudent financial plans

Paweł Budrewicz
legal adviser, entrepreneur, expert on economic freedom in Centrum im. Adama Smitha, the owner of Budrewicz law office

“I believe that a portrait of the professional should reflect personality, interests and life mission of the photographed.”

Marcin Poncyljusz
psychologist, trainer of psychosocial skills and HR consultant

Małgorzata Kosiak
stylist, image adviser, instructor, founder of the project “Kobieta”, the owner of “Dobry wizerunek"

There are many factors determining the way you look like in the portrait. Not only appropriately matched clothes, hairstyle and professional photographic make-up are crucial, but also the place of session as well as the atmosphere of work. What is more, the frame of your mind, body language, open attitude and a natural smile will eventually have a direct effect on the expected portrait result. Therefore, at every stage of cooperation in the image building process, the quality of work with the team carrying out the session is of great significance - everyone wants to look positive, reliable and confident in the photograph. Such a portrait, which shows natural beauty and authenticates the image, without a doubt is an advantage. Investment in the professional image constitutes a crucial part of marketing strategy, public relations, employer branding and business development.

Anna Stawska
mediator and the coach supporting companies, teams and individuals in achieving the increase of productivity by constructive conflict solving

Iwona Okraska
representative of the Foundation of Polish Underground State, chairwoman of Committee of the Social Dialogue for the Elderly and Veterans at the city council of Warsaw


Professional photography constitutes the first element in the process of building a positive image of your company. It goes hand in hand with the individual image of particular employees. Photos of the team members presented online on the company’s web pages or in publications, not only create professional image as such, but also reveal what level of service can be performed in their workplace. What kind of portrait will come into existence, it is a result of many crucial factors. These are some of them guarantying your immense satisfaction: personalized concept of the session, proper preparation, complex logistics, high quality photographic equipment I am working with, experienced team cooperating with me for years, photographic scenery fitted to your needs, mobile studio, photo coaching before the session, professional workmanship, publishing rights depending on fields and the operating time, work schedule fitted to the given concept and high standards of the cooperation.

“In my photographs people are radiating self-confidence and at the same time remain open. Their self – confidence causes they don’t have to hide behind facades of the company, they believe in their products and services as well as they are convinced of their quality. I always notice beauty in everyone. I have a good eye for portraits.”


Before the shoot we will invite you to a thorough consultation concerning your individual preferences in personal branding in order to find the best shoot concept reflecting your personality and presenting your business environment in the most favorable light. The date and the place of shoot is always arranged in advance. Our team guarantee full logistics and implementation of the concept. What is important, we put on your active participation in the process of formation and selection of the images – directly after the session we will together choose photos for post-production focusing on your preferences and needs. Up to 5 working days the photographs are prepared to be published and a maximum of 7 working days you will be handed over the copyright.

During the session we do our best to create special atmosphere which directly contributes to achieving unique, true and good portraits. Calling them “good”, I mean those photos which are exceptional and fully satisfying for our clients - those which present a favorable facial expression and the appearance encouraging to establish beneficial business cooperation.

The photograph exists in reality, reflects it vividly, so that it becomes a part of your own story and remains in memory of people who looked at it. Common opinion that "one photo is equal to thousand words” is definitely true.

Jacek Pałkiewicz
reporter, explorer, discoverer of the spring of the Amazon, for 40 years travelling across the world, the promoter of survival in Europe, universally recognized authority in the field of surviving

Jan Cieślar
copywriter of marketing and interactive agencies  (Isobar Poland), award-winning author at the most important world and Polish festivals of the advertisement

Robert Becler
anesthesiology and intensive care specialist, transplant coordinator, CSK WUM in Warsaw

Agnieszka Piechowska
the owner and the manager of Worldwide School - one of market leaders of foreign language trainings, individual coach and the coach of business relations in Daruma Coaching

Magdalena Jędrusek
Marketing Communication Manager, coordination of the marketing communication (Michelin Polska S.A.), sales support manager, manager of image creation, communication and motivation

Jacek Balicki
the man who introduced Play operator to the market, well-known co-author of such success campaigns as Heyah, Łaciate, Era and Kinder Bueno

Adam Piechnat
political scientist, manager professionally connected with the consulting market,  member of "Fotograficzna Grupa Bielańska”

Monika Muracka
business development manager specialised in legal services, owner of the law sector consulting company MDP eventum, external marketing and public relations adviser in the sales of legal services, organizer of the training courses for lawyers

Michał Świderski
member of management boards and the manager
of commercial partnerships (member of the management board, sales and marketing manager, marketing and communication director in Skanska Residential Development Poland Sp. z o.o.), external companies adviser


Almost 80% of information from the world around comes to us through the sense of sight. Without a doubt, it is the fastest and the most effective form of communication. Photographs can intrigue, evoke emotion, arouse curiosity or tell the whole story. These features as such make them the most effective marketing medium. At the age of digital photography, the ease of taking photos makes it possible to create more and more images in very short time. Simultaneously, the time for their analysis and reflection has become shorter. As a result, the quality of these images has been decreasing – and when the quality is worse, the intended information they are suppose to give, is lost and the final effect is not achieved. Therefore it is so important to chose carefully and consciously the photo which will play the main role in the process of building the image and the brand. Moreover, it is worth remembering that going with well-trodden paths, especially in business, can be very deceptive and risky. The main aim of our effort is to let you stand out of the crowd. Being careful in using popular images or symbols is worthwhile too – far more beneficial is to look for pioneering inspirations in order to create an image which will be innovative, surprising and thought-provoking.

Intentional stage prop and not conventional settings, both in case of individual as well as group image sessions, in the natural way can become a part of a visual identity of your company – as a matter of fact they constitute strong photo-representations of your brand and create characteristic architecture illustrating your business. Their quality and the overtone raise the credibility and reliability in the business surroundings. Professional photographs are supportive tools in telling your own story or the history of your company effectively – they depict your projects, undertakings or achievements revealing all crucial values determining the DNA of your business and your brand. Together we can reach the level on which your storytelling will start directly working on your success.

one of legal services leaders in Poland, regarded as a pioneer of public procurement law

Jerzy T. Pieróg
advocate, the founder

Karol Pieróg
legal counsel trainee 

Marcin Radecki

Michał Bala
legal counsel

Małgorzata Kartasiewicz
lawyer, office coordinator

Joanna Presz-Król
legal counsel, managing partner

specialists in the consulting and the recruitment of the managing staff of the highest level

Monika Ciesielska
managing partner, owner 

Joanna Chrobak
human resources manager 

Monika Balawender
human resources manager 

Jakub Rzepka
human resources manager 

Service Group of Fayat Bomag Polska Sp. z o.o.
specialists of world leading producer of milling machines as well as machines used to thickening ground, asphalt or waste

the Management Board supervising electronic banking branch of PKO Bank Polski, INTELIGO Jacek Komaracki, Paweł Miazek, Dominik Lewandowski, Agnieszka Wrońska, Katarzyna Kalinowska, Aneta Biernat, Iza Frechowicz, Anna Moszczyńska

Jacek Komaracki
the manager associated with the banking industry and telecommunications as well as with innovative projects of electronic delivery channels (managing director of electronic banking branch of PKO Bank Polski, the author of strategy for the sector of financial services, retail banking, mobile and Internet banking, expert for mobile payments

Paweł Miazek
the manager of Electronic Sales Department, project INTELIGO

Agnieszka Wrońska
the manager of Retail Customer Care Centre, project INTELIGO

Anna Moszczyńska
Press Spokesperson at INTELIGO

Team Skanska Residential Development Poland Sp. z o.o.

Marta Lewandowska

Justyna Biernacka

Karolina Guzik

Anna Ziniewicz

the photography of architecture and interiors for Skanska S.A – investment "Park Ostrobramska"

women portraits 

men portraits

“In order to succeed you should look as if you have already done it.”- Valentin Polcuch


Polish entrepreneurs claim that there are three crucial features of ideal business leader: creativity, self-confidence and effective communication. According to Business Insider, LinkedIn profiles with professional photo are visited 7 times more often! Business photography constitutes the channel for efficient, reliable and businesslike communication with potential clients, employers and generally all people who look at it in professional context. Business relations are set up by people and between people, not companies. Therefore, a proper portrait will be a value almost in every sphere of professional activity, personal asset, as bonds between people are inseparable elements of interactions between people.

There is a wide range of channels and possibilities where you can make good use of professional photographs. First of all, in materials of internal communication (intranet, presentations, albums and news-sheets, folders, posters, correspondence, occasional events, different kinds of publications ranging from occasional to reports for the supervisory board or employees). Moreover, in external communication (public relations, the communication with media, business surroundings and the market of potential employees, company marketing, image and employer branding, CV, visiting cards, company web page, company blog, personal blog, business portals such as LinkedIn, GoldenLine, correspondence, leaflets, folders, newsletters, magazines for customers, presentations, annual reports, CSR reports, advertisements, offers for customers, publications in the press printed and electronic, reports for business partners, investors, online shopping, digital marketing).

speakers of TEDx Warsaw Women

Ewa Turek

Ewa Woydyłło

Radosław Filip Muniak

Katarzyna Balcerowicz

Anna Wolska

Adriana Prodeus

Maja Zawierzeniec

Aleksandra Anna Sobczak

people of TEDx Warsaw Women

portraits for external communication materials


In the eye of my camera appeared innumerable groups of people associated with the widely comprehended business. The value and importance of professional business sessions in the process of building up the image was appreciated by leaders, managers, specialists and professionals, lawyers, advisers, representatives of companies, individuals at different stages of career, marketing agencies caring for the image of their customers and the corporations from different industries.

Among clients who decided to trust me and my team there are advertising agencies, banks, brokerage houses, consultancy companies, cosmetic companies, individual professionals, legal brands as well as educational or HR companies, construction and industrial businesses, printing etc. such as: Agfa Graphics NV in Poland, Embassy of Sweden in Warsaw, Business Advisors Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. , Carpenter Consulting Sp. z o. o, FAYAT BOMAG Poland Sp. z o.o, The Foundation of Polish Underground State, Grzegorz Turniak – the promoter of networking, Hay Group Sp. z o.o., Jacek Balicki – the man who introduced Play to the market, Jacek Pałkiewicz – survival promotor in Europe, authority in the field of survival, Budrewicz law office, PIERÓG & PARTNERZY law office, Konrad Jaskóła - leader of the business, manager of Polish economy, PKO Bank Polska S.A. - INTELIGO, Polimex-Mostostal S.A., Wrocław University of Science and Technology, ROTHENBERGER Polska Sp. z o.o., Skanska Residential Development Poland Sp. z o. o. with the and Skanska S.A., organisers, speakers and participants of TEDx Warsaw Women, Worldwide School, Beata Kozidrak and BAJM music band, Profit and S-ka Publishing. Moreover, I am experienced in conducting portrait photographic workshops, in cooperation with Association of Polish Art Photographers.

Working with Krzysztof is fantastic - stress-free and relaxed, but at the same time very professional. Even before the session we received detailed tips: what clothes to take, what patterns or colours to avoid - it was very helpful. During the photoshoot, Krzysiek gave specific advice, but at the same time there was room for our own inventiveness and time to fool around. Through numerous conversations and detailed questions, we managed to determine the nature and atmosphere of the photos. Krzysiek is a very considerate and cultural man. I recommend him to anyone who does not stand in front of the camera on an everyday basis and wants to have professional and cool, but not necessarily obvious photos.

Aneta Stawicka
Communication and Education Manager Rekopol SA

Photographer, Krzysztof Zaleski, was recommended to me by my friend some time ago. I am really glad that I finally managed to use his services - Krzysiek made several business portraits for me, which I am very happy with. The photoshoot went really smoothly, in a pleasant atmosphere and with full professionalism. I am glad that I had the opportunity to work with a man full of passion, and at the same time extremely warm and accessible. I recommend him to everyone, because the image is something important, and Krzysztof knows how to get the best out of the photographed person.

Beatrice Bouchet
President of the Management Board B&B Hotels Poland.

I asked Krzysztof for a couple of business photos. Working with him during shooting was a distinct pleasure. Krzysztof was very friendly and welcoming — we immediatelly connected. Krzysztof has shown a rare devotion to detail and a relentless pursuit of best possible results. Krzysztof delivered the final photos promptly and they were of outstanding quality, both from technical and communication point of view. I highly recommend Krzysztof for any business photo job.

Marek Kowalczyk
MANDARINE Project Partners

I strongly recommend Krzysztof Zaleski's services. I value his professionalism, flexibility and endless kindness. From the first contact and stage of working on details, we could count on perfect communication, openness to our needs and understanding. As the result, we' d managed to have a photo session for 20 people run smoothly. What distinguish Krzysztof is his great empathy and understanding of both the business aims and a fantastic approach to photographing people.
The same relates to a selection of photos and post production, in which Krzysztof puts lots of effort. We're greatly impressed by the professional service, taken photos as well as Krzysztof's attitude towards the session and customers. Thank you, we certainly recommend!

Katarzyna Gorczyńska
PR Manager at Plej Advertising Agancy

Mr. Krzysztof Zaleski has run a several business-related photo sessions for MGW Corporate Consulting Group Sp. z o.o.
Each time a session was carried out in a professional manner and with commitment. Thanks to his interpersonal skills, Mr. Krzysztof is able to build up a kind and friendly atmosphere, and photographs the way it highlights the photographed person's character. Additionally, we value good communication with Mr. Krzysztof, both via phone and e-mail, which positively influences our cooperation.  With pleasure we recommend Mr. Krzysztof Zaleski as a reliable, competent and passionate photographer.

Małgorzata Janic
Sales Support Specialist at MGW Corporate Consulting Group Sp. z o.o.

If you are looking for someone who will not only take beautiful pictures of you, but also will take care of every detail during the session, I recommend Krzysztof. A sense of style and positive atmosphere during the session guaranteed.

Weronika Jelińska
Legal counsel

I recommend Krzysztof; full professionalismand excellent style - fantastic photos.


Online salescoach

Meeting with a photographer who likes himself, people and what he does often brings results that significantly exceed the customer's initial expectations. This was my case, for which I am really thankful.

Tomasz Chodkowski

President in Grenevo Polska Sp. z o.o.

Full professionalism, great approach to clients and their expectations -and all this with a smile on his face! I highly recommend!

Anna Kransodębska

Floristic studio owner

Full professionalism,  patience and talent.  I sincerely recommend!

Jarosław Żelazo

Manager for service technical control and prevention Fraikin Polska

We'veworked with Krzysztof at many business sessions, both for individualclients and company teams. Together,we implement the project of “Lawyer through the lens.”I was also pleased to stand in front ofhis camera myself. Whathappens during these sessions is difficult to describe.You just have to experience it!Let’s be specific.It’s the atmosphere.As well as patience and individualapproach. Everyoneis just as important, the most important at the time.Each portrait helps build a businessimage. Toanyone. Iam glad that I met on my way a persons, photographer, who knows thata good portrait is our asset and shares this knowledge with others.No just in business.It also helps in self-awareness thatwhat we do is important and how we communicate is important; that inthe modern times of the Internet and marketing 2.0. people around uswill get to know us on the net and that we can influence how theywill perceive us during this first contact.It also helps to smile at the thoughtthat this lady in the picture is pretty cool!He is also surrounded by professionalswho care about how we look and feel in the picture.I am thankful for that and recommendKrzysztof to everyone who sees measurable value in quality andappreciates professionalism. Toanyone who wants to enter a higher level.See you at the next session!

Monika Muracka
Development Manager, Marketing for Lawyers

The need to build a professional image appears at different stages of career. In the past, the only formal image necessary to take care of was a passport photo – nowadays for more and more people it isn’t enough. For several years I had photos taken by magazine and news paper photographers who publicated them as illustration to my articles. Usually, these half-hour or hour sessions were guick but professional. However, I was lucky enough to meet Krzysztof Zaleski on my career path – a passionate photographer. According to Krzysztof the portrait of a professional should reflect personality, interests and life mission of the photographed. Such final effect demands time for conversation and collecting necessary information about the person - Krzysztof was very engaged in this task. After a long conversation he prepared several conceptions in cooperation with graphic designer. Having discussed and chosen one of the options, Krzysztof started making it real. It wasn’t easy though – I would probably give up encountering such odds, but not Krzysztof, he succeeded. The session took place and finished according to arranged schedule. I highly recommend cooperation with Krzysztof – it was a real pleasure and a fascinating adventure.

Grzegorz Turniak

I’d like to express my satisfaction with the high quality of Mr Krzysztof Zaleski advertising photography service. The project which we had the opportunity to cooperate on was conducted in a completely professional manner. The order was performed efficiently, reliably and within the time limit. Mr Krzysztof paid a lof of attention to particular needs of our company. Due to appropriate experience and professional diligence of the photographer, the result was accepted without any objection. We gladly recommend cooperation with Mr Krzysztof Zaleski for all who value in their contractors such qualities as creativity, honesty and what is the most crucial – professional approach to business.

Zbigniew Brinken
General manager of Rothenberger Polska Sp. z o. o.


I had the pleasure to cooperate with Krzysztof Zaleski in advertising project which involved major clients of my company. The project itself was very difficult issue because individuals participating in the session needed to be treated with particular sensitivity and at the same time the desired effects had to be achieved – session circumstances demanded full adaptation to the working conditions in the printing (the production was in full swing). Krzysztof successfully completed the task creating pleasant atmosphere, which allowed to save the stress of my clients as well as their precious time. Professionalism, as shown by Krzysztof, resulted in a series of perfect photos which decorated both the covers of professional magazines and the stand of Agfa Graphics company during the fairs „Poligrafia 2007” in Poznań. I highly recommend cooperation with Krzysztof Zaleski!

Paulina Suchodolska


Have we cooperated in creating business photography for you, your team or your company? Please share your observations and memories

“As for me business is first of all meeting people, discovering and satisfying their needs.”


I carry out photographic projects ranging from the individual portraits to the full photographic service for most demanding customers. No matter if it is an individual or a group session, the process itself and the quality of service are on the same level. As the business photographer I like cooperating with demanding customers from the service sector - mainly professional and highly specialistic services. Last 25 years I have been portraying individuals and whole teams at different stages of their career path, ranging from leaders, representatives of different brands, managers and artists to music bands. The most crucial element of business photography service is photocoaching and portrait advisory concerning personal branding.

I will show the world what is best in you! Krzysztof Zaleski.

I am fascinated with discovering natural beauty, personality, interests, history and the life mission of people. I don’t like talking about myself, first of all I focus on another people. I know how to unveil your inner brilliance which is hidden inside you. I refute the myth of photogenicity. I create portraits in which you will be authentic and at the same time show the world what is best in you.

My mission is to make everyone aware that a good portrait constitutes a social asset of a professional, which strengthen positive emotions between people - trust above all, as one of the basic interpersonal bonds.

I believe that trust can be gained through building the right image and my role exactly is to take part in the process of creating such image and the brand.I carry out photographic projects from a single portrait to comprehensive photographic service. I work with the experienced team – our service is targeted of the most demanding customers.

As a business photographer I like cooperating with demanding clients including professional and specialistic services. Last 25 years I have been portraying individuals and whole teams at different stage of their career path, ranging from leaders, representatives of different brands, managers and artists to music bands.

The most crucial element of business photography service is photocoaching and portrait advisory concerning personal branding.

As for me business is first of all meeting people, discovering and satisfying their needs. In the eye of my camera appeared innumerable group of people representing many fields of business activity.

The trust that all of them invested in my skills is such incredible experience that I would never be able to put my feelings into words.

When I am not portraying people, I am photographing business architecture, sharing my knowledge during author's own photographic workshops or travelling to unknown places around the world.

My career is mainly connected with photography and has been constantly continued since 1991. I was working both as a freelance and the owner of photographic company "Fabryka Snów" (1997-2010). What’s more, I was involved in the projects of independent "Fotograficzna Grupa Bielańska" (1997-2010), including project "W pościeli". Apart from being photographer, I was a product manager in the Photo Department in Agfa Sp. z o.o. company (2000-2006), a member of BNI Poland, and a chairman of the BNI Champions Group (2008). Between 2012-2018 I have been the marketing manager of Polish hi tech company, producing equipment for testing electro-optical systems.

I find cooperation with the Foundation of Polish Underground State as a great honor and distinction since 2011.

I was born in 1976. I was born in Opole but it is my choice to live in Żoliborz, district of Warsaw. I am the enthusiast of life and the amateur of good wine. I present selected photographs and projects online at

I invite you to a portrait session during which together we create portraits that will present what is authentic in you and at the same time that portrait will convince people to you.

Tell me about your needs photography-wise.
Let us meet!

Krzysztof Zaleski
business photographer

P: + 48 601 409 119

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